Sunday, April 18, 2010

Coolest baby products - Happy Hangup

One of my favorite baby purchases by far has been the Happy Hangup. It's a baby hammock that gently bounces and swings your baby off to sleep.
You can see my son Jack contentedly sleeping away as any movement on his part causes the spring to bounce softly and sooth him back to dreamland.
You can purchase this from the company in Australia or find it on ebay. I found mine by doing a weekly google search for happy hangup + craigslist. A delightful women from Texas was willing to ship it to me for a total cost of 150$

There were many things that made this a great purchase.
  1. I could move the hammock between several hooks that we installed in our home. At night he was beside making nursing really convenient. In the day he could be close by in the living room or my husbands office.
  2. It took up much less space then a traditional crib.
  3. It will safely hold a baby up to 40 pounds making the hammock useful for a long time.
  4. The pillow in the hammock could be installed at an angle for those babies that have reflux.
  5. The gentle movement of the bouncing hammock settled our little one and helped his weary parents get a little more sleep.
  6. With the addition of an adult hammock chair stand (40$ on ebay) his bed became completely portable making overnight trips a breeze. I even took the hammock and stand on day time visits at friends houses so that Jack could take a nap as needed in the bed he was familiar with.
  7. I liked the colors and style of the bed.
A few things I didn't like...
  1. After Jack reached 6 months I had to buy a bigger pillow so that he could stretch out more. The company says that generally babies like to be curled up to sleep but this was not the case with Jack.
  2. People with back trouble could potentially have difficulty getting their baby in and out of the hammock once they got bigger. I don't know if this would be easier then lifting a baby out of a regular crib or not.
You can learn more about this product at (I get no kickback from the company for this positive review). There is also several videos of the happy hangup in action on

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  1. Hi! I am about to have my first baby and saw this hammock at a baby expo and I absolutely love it! Can't wait to buy and use :) thanks for sharing your thoughts